Rama Navami Event

Last article, we saw the New year Ugadi. Today we can see the first event following Ugadi i.e. the Sri Rama Navami. This festival is all about the birthday parties of Master Ram. As Navami represents number 9 in Sanskrit, this festival comes exactly following 9 times of Ugadi. There's an account behind the celebrations. This indicates long long ago, Master Dasharatha who was simply ruling the Kosala empire had 3 wives - Kausalya, Kaikeyi and Sumithra. He had everything that the king might envy for except children. Those days it was a exercise to perform yagnas or rituals with promotions to the Fireplace Lord, Agni Deva. So, as suggested by the Gurus, King Dasharatha determined to do the Putrakameshti Yagna or the practice which will give him children. As a wealthy king would do it, Dasharatha executed the yagna with great fervor and Agni, content along with his attractions arrived on the scene of fire and lucky him with a container of a lovely preparation. He also said that the miraculous container with the sweet preparation might support him obtain his preferred wish. Master Dasharatha was very happy to have the pot and he raced it to his spouses have been similarly pleased to receive it. Now, here Dasharatha had his brains operating skillfully and spread the special similarly to his wives Kausalya and Kaikeyi only. He purposely remaining Sumithra out of the reveal and left every one wondering since as they realized Sumithra was his wife dearest.

Kausalya and Kaikeyi on experiencing that Sumithra never got a reveal, offered to share their part of the reveal equally. They both did this individually and ergo Sumithra got 50% of the sweet - 25% from Kausalya and 25% from Kaikeyi. This is what Dasharatha wanted probably as he was able to secure majority of the sweet for his dearest wife without troublesome the elder 2 wives. It had been a practice in olden times that kings marry as much as 4 times to be able to construct a good empire and a great successor. Since his spouses eaten the special, appropriately in due span of time (the day once the Punarvasu star shined) they offered beginning to four children Rama, Bharata, Laxmana and Shatrughna. Now Kausalya offered start to Rama, Kaikeyi to Bharata, and Sumithra offered beginning to Laxmana and Shatrughna since that has been the ratio in that they eaten the special - Kausalya 25%, Kaikeyi 25% and Sumithra - 25%+25%=50%. And they all existed cheerfully because the king, his wives and his matters got all what they wanted.

It's thought that Lord Memory is the giver of everything in life.
He's the Maryadaa Purushottam indicating the ideal Man. There's no one much better than him. He is also
Ekabani - meaning with just one certain opportunity of arrow he's eliminates the opponent
Ekapatni vratastha - meaning forever wedded and specialized in a single wife and
Ekavachani - indicating he will not return back on his words whatever might happen.

Sri Rama Taaraka mantra

Sri Rama Rama Rameti - may be the mantra to be uttered or prepared one crore or 10 million situations and it's thought so it may fulfil one's hope whatever it could be.

Today coming back to celebrations, the prior day of Rama Navami, to mark the eagerness of looking forward to an infant, people prepare preparing things allowed to be just eaten by the pregnant ladies without significantly oil, herbs etc ram navami.

A day later once Lord SriRam exists, they celebrate the cradling ceremony by symbolically decorating a fruit, cradling and naming it. I think the pleasure that accompany it and the data that is distributed to the kids or next technology is more important than the rituals. That is why in olden occasions guys and women knew all of the reasons for having the dietary plan during maternity, measures to be studied by pregnant feamales in handling family function etc. Nowadays since there are number joint families and people are opting for nuclear people, it has turned into a common practice to rely only on the medical practioners or midwives for almost any routine or emergency situation of pregnancy.

Because of this dependence, the issues connected with nurturing, kid nutrition also provide increased a few manifolds. That is why most likely the old persons claim - OLD IS GOLD.

So, get seize the telephone/email/snail mail, produce that call to your parents, grand-parents who may well be more than pleased to speak with you. Make sure they are pleased who used to get pleased seeing you when you had been small.



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