The Contrast of VR Glass and FPV Glass

The ability actually put the benefits and shortcomings in perspective. Let me first say that the quality that a DSLR provides firing HD video making use of their large imaging processor is outstanding. Let me also say that from the ability they are nowhere near as easy to use for shooting video as an actual video camera.

We used 3 Panasonic HMC 150 HD video cameras, 2 Rule T2i DSLRs and a Panasonic Lumix GH1 DSLR.

People speak about the great effects with the range of area of a DSLR. What they are really speaking about may be the short range of field. Which means that only the niche centered on is in focus and the back ground and foreground blur. That is ideal for fixed photographs but also for a going target, maintaining concentration with the Canons is just a chore. To use autofocus on the Canons you place the placing to autofocus and then push the shutter 1/2 way. If your matter techniques with the short level of area you are rapidly out of focus. In addition you may focus manually. Due to my vision issue viewing close up (I require examining glasses), it had been extremely hard to personally focus Tierpark.

The Lumix has an auto monitoring autofocus which operates significantly better. We also had problems with the Canons since as mentioned I require glasses for closeup and the only way to see and emphasis movie is on the LCD screen which must be held much enough away to see. When you try this, the camera is hard to help keep steady. Next knowledge we went and acquired a Cinevate Cyclops which is a viewfinder which supports and enlarges the Canon LCD to very nearly how big a tiny monitor. This is a greater option but with no diopter change still maybe not great for those who have perspective such as for instance mine. The Panasonic Lumix was much simpler to use not just because of the autofocus function but additionally since you should use not merely the LCD monitor but because there is no reflection, the eyepiece also which has a diopter adjustment like the majority of video cameras and you can hold it correct as much as see your face also improving steadiness.

The chip in the Brother is bigger compared to the 4/3 processor in the Lumix. This can be a mixed blessing. A more substantial chip gives high quality but narrower level of area which to me restricted the video saving usability. The slightly smaller Lumix processor has a larger level of field meaning more is in target foreground and background. This to me was much more practical.

In a fast adjusting atmosphere we discovered the product range of the Lumix inventory contact 14mm to 140mm successful for almost all shots. For the Canons we had to change lenses. Also great lenses are very pricey typically about $1000 or maybe more each therefore to shoot effectively you will need to invest or rent a pricey stable of glass and all of the contacts have a optimum aperture of around F3.5 so you don't genuinely have great minimal light capability. There are perfect contacts offered by F1.2, F1.4, F1.8, etc. nevertheless you lose the flexibleness of a zoom lens.

Sound on the Rule DSLRs had number guide change but did have a port for placing an external mic. With this assignment we relied on the actual movie cameras as the main sound recorder. For DSLRs it is recommended to use an additional audio camera such as for instance kinds from Move to get high quality audio. Remember that most DSLRs have intelligent obtain therefore sound is going to be amplified when sound is softer.

There's also a control of 12 moments per documenting collection with the Canons. With the Panasonic you are able to record without preventing till your memory stay is full.

For work and rifle firing, a genuine camcorder with autofocus and simple guide regulates is still my choice for now. Now in comparing the Panasonic Lumix to the Canon, I really have to lean towards the Lumix for movie work.

In summary the DSLRs provide exceptional quality if you're able to cope with the functioning (focusing, adjusting) difficulties. The Panasonic Lumix GH1 is significantly greater fitted to shooting movie compared to Canons and we're looking to purchase the new Panasonic Lumix GH2 in regards out in December. That seems to offer more usable range of area with other features that produce firing movie easier. Additionally the micro 4/3 lenses for this camera is likely to be suitable for the new Panasonic AF100 camcorder which employs the 4/3 processor but is just a actual movie camera.


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