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Women issues blog is about everything that affects all women of all races across the continent. The intention is to get women to address issues that affect them in society, workplaces, culture versus modern lifestyle and family environments. The idea is to engage women in topics without fear of prejudice or judgment. Discussions are about raising issues not to discriminate but to honestly voice out how we see things, how we feel about them in a way of trying to assist other women to look at things in more ways than one. Check profile : Tel: (+27 11) 715-2000 Dicon number (switchboard cell): 082-231-0805 Fax: (+27 11) 715-2001 Website:

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At Jobroller we believe that every jobseeker deserves a great job and that every recruiter deserves a great employee who will take the organization to its greatest heights. Contact leading Recruitment company in south Africa, Recruitment media company in south Africa, Recruitment management in south africa offers instant job placement. We believe in creating a great candidate and recruiter experience. Our interactive media solutions connect jobseekers to their dream jobs and at the same time providing organizations with candidates who are perfect fit for the organization’s culture. Check profile :  100 Johannesburg Road Palm Springs Business Complex Lyndhurst, Johannesburg 2192 Tel : +27 11 066 0657 Fax :  086 240 7774

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Your Jobs is a Learnerships, Internships and Bursaries search platform in South Africa.Learnerships, Internships, and Bursaries are available in Gauteng, Western Cape,  KwaZulu Natal, and all other provinces in South Africa.We help unemployed graduates and students find their best opportunities. Check Profile :

Internships in Gauteng, South africa

The demand for student bursaries is high in South Africa compared to other African countries. This is because of the increased number of matriculants who want to further their studies after finishing high school. Most young people are eager to kickstart their careers at tertiary institutions, but they don’t have the financial means. Tertiary education is not affordable that is why the demand for student bursaries is high in South Africa. Most young people in the country are historically poor because of the effects of apartheid. Therefore, it is extremely challenging for these previously disadvantaged individuals to reach their goals. Check profile :

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Companies using multiple social networks may use Internet-based tools designed to improve the organization and dissemination of company messaging. The tool may allow an employee tasked with optimization to push a specific message across multiple networks at the same time, as well as manage any feedback provided by individuals who reply to any posts on social media networks. The Internet allows content to be sent out nearly instantaneously. This has given rise to marketing efforts that have relied on developing content that Internet users may pass along to friends and family. This type of social media marketing, called viral marketing, operates under the assumption that the company will achieve a broader reach by getting others to pass content along rather than relying solely on users finding the content on their own. Check profile : Address:100 Johannesburg Road, Lyndhurst 2192, Johannesburg Phone:+27 11 068 16

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Your Application Letter Is Your Sales Prospectus

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