Pentax K20D Review - Facts About the K20d Digital SLR

If you're looking for a new dSLR camera, most people will tell you to choose either Nikon or Canon. For so many years, there are virtually no other brands more associated to the digital cameras (particularly dSLR) than those two. That's before Pentax K10D entered the market in September 2006. That was Sony Pentax's first effort to break the domination of those two in dSLR camera market. Now, around 4 years later, Pentax has finally launched a product that is worthy to be called "a serious contender" for those two. That product is Pentax K5.

Pentax K5 is designed with K7 (one of the Pentax flagship product) as the base. As such, it inherits the reliability, ease of use and advanced features of the predecessor. However, Pentax K5 is refined in term of Auto Focus and picture quality in higher ISO. The result is simply magnificent! Some unbiased Pentax K5 reviews in the internet even shows that it outperform the more famous Nikon D70, Canon 7D and Canon 60D in certain area (ie. Color Depth, Low Light ISO and Dynamic Range) Pentax K1 review.

Pentax dSLR K5 is equipped with 16.3 MP low-noise CMOS image sensor, an improved Auto Focus system, faster continuous shooting (7 frame per second), and video recording capability with Full HD 1080p (with a maximum 1536 x 1024 pixels video resolution). However, the two most amazing feature of this camera is its ability to take picture in ISO 51200 (the highest ever in dSLR camera) and the fact that its sensor is simply the best APS-C (comparable even with the very high-end full frame cameras, up to some extent).

Pentax K7 most distracting weakness was its sub-par high ISO performance. However, the engineers behind the development of Pentax K5 have worked hard to improve this weakness. The result is astonishing. K5 outperforms K7 obviously and consistently. Recent test reveals that K5 shows a very good SNR at ISO 1600 (even better than K7's point at ISO 800). As this weaknesses has been solved, there are less reason of not choosing this dSLR camera over the big two.

All in all, if you're thinking about upgrading your dSLR camera or picking your first professional dSLR camera, you should seriously consider buying Pentax K5.


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